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Save Money On Your Advertisements and Reach Hundreds of Thousands of People

Advertising has become more powerful and more important than ever before. If you want to succeed as a business, no matter how big or small, national or international, or what kind of product or service you're actually selling, you need to have a strong marketing plan. The problem, however, is that, for the most part, … Continued

Want to Improve Your Advertising? Think Outside the Box and Above the Ground

If your company doesn't have a successful brand and a quality marketing strategy to promote that brand, you're not going to have a fruitful 2017. Nowadays, no matter what industry you're in, the level of competition between organizations is higher than ever before, which requires critical and creative thinking. Simply throwing money into your advertising … Continued

3 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising has been a popular form of marketing for almost 100 years. The only reason it hasn't been longer? That's how long planes have been in existence. In fact, just a few short years after the Wright Brothers historic first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, airplane banners began streaming through the skies in … Continued

Top 3 Advertising Failures of 2016- and What Your Business Can Learn From Them

Marketing today has to be more creative than ever. From aerial advertising, billboards, and e-mail to social media platforms, companies are coming up with incredibly extravagant and creative ideas in order to market their businesses. However, there have been some infamous marketing blunders in the past year, too. And thanks to those selfsame technologies, those … Continued

Intro to Airplane Banner Advertising

Airplane banner advertising with sky banners has been going on since the early 1920s. Although it doesn't always seem like it, this kind of advertising is actually one of the most effective marketing strategies around today. Sky banners are large aerial messages put on display across the sky and attached to a fixed-wing banner towing … Continued

Advertise in the Sky: Give People a Break From the Ad Clutter

Why does it seem that advertising has gone from attention-grabbing, clever messages to annoying nonsense so quickly? For the most part, with the exception of a few creative and clever ads, people are just sick of the same old advertising strategies that have been going on for years. Television ads are seemingly ripping each other … Continued

Advertising in the Sky? 3 Tips for Writing Great Ad Copy

Advertising can be extremely tricky. Just because you throw millions of dollars into an ad campaign doesn't mean it'll be any more successful than a smarter $500 ad. It all comes down to reach, quality, and the content. Aerial billboards flying across the sky, for example, are great for reach — as they can fly … Continued

Grow Your Company’s Brand With These Two Aerial Messages

Aerial advertising might sound like a futuristic marketing technique or a concept from The Jetsons, but it has actually been around for nearly a century. In the early 1920s, companies began flying airplane aerial ads to promote all kinds of products, services, and brands, and it's still an effective method of advertising today. Airplane messages … Continued

3 Tips for Designing Impactful Aerial Banner Ads

Aerial banner advertising can help companies improve their corporate brand, increase the number of customers, and can even bring in much more revenue if done correctly. Aerial advertising costs less than some other forms of media and can be even more effective. Designing these banners is the most important part of the entire aerial marketing … Continued

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