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3 Reasons Why A Plane Advertising Banner is Better than a Billboard

plane advertising banner 

Have you ever wondered about how to make your company’s brand visible to more hungry consumer eyes? Of course you have — that’s what advertising is all about. But if you think the road to success is paved on a highway-side billboard stand, think again. Plane advertising banners are a cost-efficient, far-reaching, and highly memorable way to deliver your message to more potential customers. Here’s why:

  • Cost
    Aerial advertising costs about $450 per hour — that’s less than the cost of pasting up a single billboard. With billboard advertising, you might have to lease a minimum number of posts, and on top of that, you’ll also have to pay rent on those spaces for a number of weeks. All of those costs can quickly bring your expenses up well into the thousands or tens of thousands, depending on the city and location. With planes banners, it’s all-in-one.
  • Reach
    A well-placed highway billboard might get you lots of visibility during the morning commute, but it’s still no match for a well-timed plane advertising banner. Especially during the summer months, popular U.S. beaches can have as many as 1.5 million visitors per day. That’s a lot of eyes ready to look up and see your message sailing high overhead.
  • Memorability
    Speaking of the morning commute, what billboards did you see on your way to work this morning? Don’t remember? Roadside billboards either go by in the blink of a second or, in heavy traffic areas, are so ubiquitous and commonplace as to be totally inconsequential. Airplane banners, on the other hand, are a sight to behold. Beach-goers lounging in the sand are much more likely to take notice of an airplane message than angry drivers are of billboards. In fact, consumer studies indicate that 79% of people will remember the product or service that appears on an aerial ad, while a full 67% can remember at least half of its actual phrasing. Sky banners really leave an impression!


If you’re looking for a way to reach more people more effectively and at a lower price, it’s definitely time to quit the billboard game. Plane advertising banners are a fun and funky way to deliver your message to tons of consumers who are more likely to pay attention. Best of all, it’s delivered at a reasonable price. Time to start cooking up your banner design today.

Remy Colin had promised us a 20% increase revenue in Crab sales for that weekend and he delivered. That weekend we sold 30% more crab than the previous year. Right away we jumped on the aerial advertising bus. We changed our advertising strategies immediately, diverted the necessary funds to fly every day all summer long and it paid off. Our sales in 2013 increased close to 40%.
Brad Hoffman - Owner