How Your Business can Benefit From Aerial Advertisements

aerial ads 

#FireKlinsmann was the most recent airplane banner that caused a stir in the soccer world. United States Men’s National Soccer Team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, has struggled lately, and fans are letting him know how they feel. The banner ad was flown over Mapfre Stadium in Ohio before the U.S. took on Guatemala.

Aerial ads don’t have to only be used for throwing digs at soccer coaches. There are many more productive ways to utilize airplane banner advertising.

Your company’s marketing campaign can benefit tremendously with aerial ads. They can improve any advertising strategy for a relatively cheap cost, especially when you consider how many people you can potentially reach.

Here are some benefits of airplane advertising that your business can take advantage of:

  • Airplane banner ads can reach millions of people from miles away at any given point in a day. For experimental purposes, imagine you’re a lemonade stand in New Jersey with a weirdly high advertising budget. Radio, television and newspaper ads might produce a few customers here or there, but nothing substantial. On a hot summer day, if you have an airplane ad fly over a densely packed beach with more than one million people there, it might encourage thousands of people to stop by and get some lemonade.
  • People remember aerial ads for a while. A survey of consumers found that 88% of them remembered seeing a plane banner ad 30 minutes after it had flown by. About 79% of those respondents remember the exact product or service being advertised and 67% remember at least half of the actual message.
  • Aerial advertising can increase the response rate of your costumers if done successfully. A few aerial advertising campaigns have achieved more than a 20% response rate.
  • These aerial messages can be seen for miles. In ideal weather conditions, banner messages can be seen for over 20 minutes and be visible from 30 miles away.

Whether you want to get a professional soccer coach fired or spread awareness about your company, aerial advertisements can help any company’s advertising strategy.

We were amazed how Remy helped bring everything together in a matter of 4 days. We spoke to him Thursday and he had a custom-made banner flown on Sunday, just the way we wanted.
Suzanna Chuldjian
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