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Aerial Messages Introduces New Share-A-Flight Option

In an effort to make it easier for our customers to get their messages to the sky, we’ve introduced a new share-a-flight feature on our website. Interested parties can now share the cost of family and personal banners with their loved ones or advocate for causes close to their heart with a campaign crowdfunded by … Continued

A Brief History on Skywriting and Skytyping

Have you ever attended an outdoor event and been mesmerized by a plane writing in the sky overhead? It’s captivating as you try to guess the message they’re going to write. With this, the advertiser has captured your attention for much longer than they would with a billboard or an ad in the local paper. … Continued

Aerial Banners for Graduations

For many, graduation is one of the most significant moments in their life. It is a turning point and signifies the transition from childhood to adulthood or from college to the “real world.” Graduation is a major milestone and caps off decades of effort, education, and achievement. In short, graduations and the hard work they … Continued

Aerial Advertising Gender Reveal Announcements

For many families, there is no news sweeter than finding out a loved one is going to be welcoming a new baby into the world! We love helping families celebrate the impending arrival of these little ones with aerial billboards to announce baby’s gender. Gender reveals are an increasingly popular way to celebrate a pregnancy … Continued

Banner Towing During Rush Hour

Since first becoming popular in the 1990s, aerial advertising has exploded in popularity and we are continually discovering new venues and opportunities for getting your message in front of large, captive audiences around the country. We’ve found that there are few audiences more captive than those stuck in their car during rush hour on the … Continued

Aerial Advertising for Political Campaigns

Take your campaign message to the skies with one of the most effective and affordable political advertising options available! Whether campaigning for a local, state, or national office, aerial advertising is extremely effective at getting your message in front of the right people at the right time – for a long time. With print or … Continued

Aerial Advertising for Marriage Proposals

Will you marry me? Those are four of the most significant and life-altering words a person can say to another. In addition to dreaming about their perfect wedding day, many romantics have spent years daydreaming about their perfect proposal too – hoping that their significant other will plan something special, memorable, and unique. No pressure, … Continued

We have used Aerial Messages exclusively for our aerial advertising since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done. Aerial Messages has handled all of the coordination of many nationwide aerial advertising campaigns for Savage Race, often in very remote areas and on short notice.
Sam Abbit, CEO - Savage Race
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