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3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise in the Sky

Advertising has changed a lot over the years. Pretty soon, it'll seem like there'll be interactive, holographic ads in virtual reality around every corner. Luckily, we aren't to that point yet, but we still have some pretty effective forms of advertising.

Advertising in the sky, for example, sounds like a futuristic strategy, but we've been doing that since the early 1920s. Airplanes flying banner ads for companies provide more benefits than you might think, too.

Airplane Banner Flying Costs

You could spend a fortune on television commercials and hope people don't get sick of them after two or three times, or you could think outside the box, save a ton of money, and still invest in an extremely effective advertising medium. Banner flying costs much less than some of those other traditional forms of advertising, so why not save a few extra bucks?

Potentially Reach Millions

Because of the airplane banner flying cost, aerial advertising would be worth it if you could only reach a few thousand people. That's not the case, though, as flying banners over crowded areas like beaches or major highways can reach hundreds of thousands of people and even millions if you're advertising in the right spots. Implementing sky advertising into your company's marketing strategy can greatly improve your business, reach more customers, significantly grow your brand, and generate much more revenue.

High Response Rate

If you're still not convinced of the strategy's worth after learning about its relatively low cost and the large number of people you can reach with these ads, the potential response rate will surely change your mind. Some aerial ads enjoy a response rate of 20%, which is extremely difficult to get even with the most effective television ad campaigns.

If the average person is watching TV and a commercial comes on, even if it's the greatest commercial ever, they might give it a quarter of their attention… maybe? But if a plane is flying across the sky in front of them with a giant banner trailing behind it, they are going to look almost every single time.

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Valerie Stockdale