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We take pride in providing our clients with an exemplary experience every time!  We are always on time, accurate, on budget, and we get RESULTS—every time! Check out what a few of our aerial advertising clients have said about us.

Aerial Messages is definitely a company I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a sky banner display to celebrate a special event.

I called several aerial banner companies, but none were willing to try to accommodate my request to fly over Sarasota Airport (SRQ) where my son-in-law works.  We were extremely happy Captain Cliff flew over Safran Power and Electrical for Thalia’s Dad to see the aerial banner.  Captain McCall used his connections to obtain permission to fly within limits, giving Thalia’s Dad the opportunity to see the aerial banner display.

My Granddaughter’s birthday on February 10, 2018 was extra special as her classmates and teachers were waiting outside St. Martha’s Catholic School to see Thalia’s Happy Birthday Banner as well as to wave to Captain Cliff McCall.  The same evening St. Martha’s Father/Daughter dance was scheduled for 6:30PM.

Customer Service offered by Aerial Messages is what keeps businesses successful and their effort to satisfy customers will always be remembered.

Valerie Stockdale

We opened riptides Restaurant in Ormond Beach in 2012. We had looked at Aerial Advertising but didn’t think that the high cost per hour (compared to traditional advertising) was worth it for our business. We revisited the idea in 2013 and gave Aerial Messages a shot on a busy holiday weekend.

Remy Colin had promised us a 20% increase revenue in Crab sales for that weekend and he delivered. That weekend we sold 30% more crab than the previous year. Right away we jumped on the aerial advertising bus. We changed our advertising strategies immediately, diverted the necessary funds to fly every day all summer long and it paid off. Our sales in 2013 increased close to 40%.

We have decided for the upcoming 2014 season to cancel most of our traditional advertising and are giving Aerial Messages 95% of our advertising budget.

Brad Hoffman - Owner

Aerial Messages is the company we trust to get the job done!

We have used Aerial Messages exclusively for our aerial advertising since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done. Aerial Messages has handled all of the coordination of many nationwide aerial advertising campaigns for Savage Race, often in very remote areas and on short notice.

Remy and Aerial Messages have also provided real-time tracking of our flights via GPS to insure we get the most return for our investment. Remy and his crew are very professional and easy to work with. When we have an aerial advertising campaign, Aerial Messages is the company we trust to get the job done.

Sam Abbit, CEO - Savage Race