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Special Events in the Time of COVID-19: How Aerial Messages Can Save Your Next Celebration

As the reality of the current global pandemic known as COVID-19 begins to sink in, families everywhere have been faced with cancelling or postponing long-awaited celebrations – weddings, baptisms, graduations, proposals, gender reveals, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, and more. The emotional and financial impact of changing and delaying these events has been significant and for many, morale is understandably low.

We get it. Our own business has been heavily impacted by the cancellation of some of the biggest events of the year and we’ve heard from customers who are scared and struggling. We have spent the past several days thinking long and hard for ways we can continue to serve you and to find unique and creative ways to continue celebrating life’s special moments. We’ve found endless inspiration on social media and have been touched to see people celebrating birthdays and weddings with “social distancing” car parades. We’ve seen airline banners flown outside hospital windows to bring joy to a loved one coping with illness without the support of visitors. We’ve seen messages of hope flown through the sky over cities where mandatory shelter-in-place orders have been issued.

We realized that while many aspects of “normal” life are on hold, joy still abounds. Babies will still be born. Couples will still fall in love. Students will still graduate. Hope and happiness are not on hold. Your special events may look a little differently this year, but perhaps now more than ever, they deserve to be celebrated with enthusiasm.

If your graduate is disappointed about not getting to walk across the stage, you’re wondering how to safely celebrate mom’s 90th birthday while her nursing home is closed to visitors, or you simply want to remind your neighbors that we’re all in this together – we’re here for you. We’re armed with ideas for honoring occasions big or small and helping you find as much joy as possible in the midst of this crisis.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you! Complete the form on the right to request a quote or give us a call at 866-608-6285 to get started.

Remy Colin had promised us a 20% increase revenue in Crab sales for that weekend and he delivered. That weekend we sold 30% more crab than the previous year. Right away we jumped on the aerial advertising bus. We changed our advertising strategies immediately, diverted the necessary funds to fly every day all summer long and it paid off. Our sales in 2013 increased close to 40%.
Brad Hoffman - Owner
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