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Two Very Memorable Aerial Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals have taken place for centuries and span a colorful rainbow in terms of execution and strategy, all with the same goal in mind – two people committing to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s a beautiful tradition and one we have been thrilled to be a part of many, many times. … Continued

Special Events in the Time of COVID-19: How Aerial Messages Can Save Your Next Celebration

As the reality of the current global pandemic known as COVID-19 begins to sink in, families everywhere have been faced with cancelling or postponing long-awaited celebrations – weddings, baptisms, graduations, proposals, gender reveals, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, and more. The emotional and financial impact of changing and delaying these events has been significant and for … Continued

Three Surprising Ways to Use Aerial Advertising in Your Own Life

Whether you’re more familiar with aerial messaging thanks to that scene in The Wizard of Oz or you’ve seen it elsewhere in the form of aerial advertising services around town, there’s no doubt that these messages are one of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention. Surveys have shown that 79% of people exposed … Continued

Make Your Celebration Special With an Airplane Banner

You've probably seen an airplane banner flying through the sky at some point. Maybe you were sitting on the beach with sand between your toes as the plane buzzed overhead, carrying an advertisement for a cool drink, a hot meal, or… cheap auto insurance. The point is, you remember it. Most people do: in surveys … Continued

We were amazed how Remy helped bring everything together in a matter of 4 days. We spoke to him Thursday and he had a custom-made banner flown on Sunday, just the way we wanted.
Suzanna Chuldjian
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