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Entrepreneur Magazine: ‘Originality’ Is King in 21st Century Advertising

aerial advertising companyCompanies desperately need to rethink a lot of their advertising methods, according to an article in Entrepreneur magazine. With the cost of advertising on television rising and the engagement of people through use of traditional advertising falling, many companies are reconsidering how they want to advertise themselves.

According to the article, one of the many problems facing companies today is advertising is just becoming far too expensive. It costs over $5 million for one Superbowl advertisement alone. A lot of companies simply do not have the funds to spend on that slot of airtime. This gives them even more of a reason to seek out more inexpensive methods to advertise their business.

Another problem facing many businesses is that there has been a dramatic shift in the ability for a lot of advertisements to engage people. Society, as a whole, is getting more desensitized to the same types of companies promising the same types of things. They want to see something new.

The article goes on to mention how some companies have turned to unique ways over the internet to market their businesses, but there exists an even cheaper way to creatively get your message out there for all to see. Take your message and fly it in the sky using an aerial advertising company.

Aerial banner advertising is a long-standing way to market your business, but has lately fallen to the wayside when compared to television and internet ads. However, the power of a strong aerial banner advertising campaign cannot be overlooked. Many companies continue to still use aerial advertising opportunities at a variety of different events as a quick, inexpensive alternative to traditional media.

The easiest difference to spot is the price. While Superbowl commercials cost $5 million for a couple seconds of airtime, the average aerial advertising cost is around $450 per hour in the sky. This is a huge bonus for companies who simply cannot afford the incredible amount of money it takes to put your business on TV.

Another added bonus of hiring an aerial advertising company is the presentation of your message in an original way. Though many people already know what aerial advertising is, it has stayed out of popular media for a while now, leading it to obtain its own level of uniqueness. People will recognize the creativity and effort put forth into placing messages in the sky, rather than online or on TV. This could make them more likely to be interested in checking out your business. 

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We have used Aerial Messages exclusively for our aerial advertising since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done. Aerial Messages has handled all of the coordination of many nationwide aerial advertising campaigns for Savage Race, often in very remote areas and on short notice.
Sam Abbit, CEO - Savage Race
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