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Make Your Aerial Advertising Stand Out With These 3 Easy Steps

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So you’re interested in advertising your company, but don’t know exactly where to start? Consider doing something completely unique and out of the ordinary — airplane banner advertising with sky banners. 

Aerial banners are great in that they are able to reach thousands of potential customers at one time, and are so eye-catching they are sure to be remembered! The idea behind them is simple: the banners are usually made with five-foot-high letters, and planes grab the signs midflight. The pilot maneuvers the plane to two five-foot-high poles that hold a rope the banner is attached to, and then the banner is tethered on. 

However, there are so many different types of aerial advertising options that it can be hard to choose what message is right for your specific business. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list of things to keep in mind when choosing your message that will help you make the best out of your efforts! 

3 tips on how to make our airplane banner service really shine

1. Make it short and sweet
You have limited space available to you, so it only makes sense to take advantage of what you can. Think of messages that are short, snappy, and to the point. Focus on buzzwords as they are easily identified and totally memorable.

2. Use colors
Black lettering on a white background is so boring, don’t you think? You are going all out with this type of advertising, so it only makes sense to use bright colors. Pinks, red, greens, and purples all work great — just stay away from blue.

3. Don’t be afraid to use your logo
The more people who see your logo, the better. Aerial ads are ginormous, so even just putting your logo on yours is a great way to spark recognition for potential customers. They’ll recognize your logo from seeing it in the sky, and there is nothing cooler than that! 

Once you have followed these three steps, it is important you follow-up. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of your banner in the sky then use it for your print advertising. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you want the benefits of your aerial advertising last as long as you can.

Interested in looking at more aerial advertising options? Call our professionals today and we’ll decide on the perfect message for your business.

We have used Aerial Messages exclusively for our aerial advertising since 2012 and have been extremely satisfied with the work that they have done. Aerial Messages has handled all of the coordination of many nationwide aerial advertising campaigns for Savage Race, often in very remote areas and on short notice.
Sam Abbit, CEO - Savage Race
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