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How Aerial Advertising Can Benefit You

airplane advertising benefitsAerial advertising is an effective way to broadcast your company message to thousands of people in a relatively cheap and effective way. Having begun in the 1920's, this advertising method can be seen for hundreds of miles and draws attention from nearly all that see it. Your message will be read by crowds of people, especially if you time it right.

The average aerial advertising cost is around $450 for one hour in a single beach area, which is a good bargain if you consider the number of people that visit beaches during the nicer times of the year. Just have your ad in the air during a major festival or a packed beach weekend, and you may make considerably more than you spent. The cost-efficiency ratio is just one of many airplane advertising benefits.

Memorability is another benefit that can be associated with airplane advertising campaigns, they're so different from normal advertising, that you can't help but remember them. There is an instinctive feel to look at an airplane after you hear it buzzing, and that's what many do. Once they see it, they see the airplane banners and your message.

The people, because of the memorable nature of the airplane ad, have a greater interest and curiosity about your advertisement. They'll wonder about your company and brand. This is especially important for local businesses that are competing with larger competitors.

The method of advertising is creative, too. You can have all sorts of banners used for your business, use things that really make them stand out. Studies have shown that, on average, 77% of people remember aerial advertising banners because of the difference from normal billboards and commercials. Creative banners will make that percentage increase because they'll be more memorable.

So whether you're a young business or an old and experienced one, there are many airplane advertising benefits that you can get to work for you. They're memorable, creative, and extremely cost-effective when compared to other advertising mediums.

If you have any questions about aerial advertising, feel free to reach out and contact us for more details. If you have a memorable banner in your mind, please let us know in the comments below.

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