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Grow Your Company’s Brand With These Two Aerial Messages

airplane messageAerial advertising might sound like a futuristic marketing technique or a concept from The Jetsons, but it has actually been around for nearly a century. In the early 1920s, companies began flying airplane aerial ads to promote all kinds of products, services, and brands, and it's still an effective method of advertising today.

Airplane messages are effective because, even though they've been around for decades, it's still an amazing sight to see a giant metal machine flying across the sky, and if it's delivering a message, it draws even more attention. People don't care about newspapers or radio ads as much as they used to, and with video streaming as popular as it is, conventional television ads are no longer as effective, either. Enter a creative and attention-grabbing form of marketing: airplane messages.

There are two major types of //airplane messages: sky banners and sky writing.

Sky Banners
 Sky banners are the more common of the two aerial advertising forms, and most people have probably seen these banners while on vacation at the beach. They are such an effective form of advertising because the banner is easily visible for miles. Rather than reaching a few specific people at a time, these banners can literally reach hundreds of thousands of people. Some crowded beaches have close to one million people sunbathing, picnicking or playing games; there aren't many other forms of advertising that have such a large audience.

Sky Writing

 Sky writing is the more skillful and technical form of aerial advertising. Sky-written messages can be seen for more than 2,800 square miles — much further than even the largest, brightest billboard in the world. And the very novelty of seeing letters appear in the air means that these messages are captivating and attention-getting.

The best part about these aerial advertisements is that simplicity is often the best option. You won't have a lot of costumer responses to a complicated ad with long sentences and crowded messages, just as writing a paragraph in the sky will go mostly unread. Just having a banner that reads "Sale" with the name of your business will be sufficient. Similarly, a sky written message consisting of only the company's name can spread enough brand awareness to attract a significant number of new customers. 

They say that everything old is new again, and that's certainly true of aerial advertising. Stand out from the crowd of internet ads, direct mail flyers and radio spots — try spreading your message in the sky.

Aerial Messages is definitely a company I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a sky banner display to celebrate a special event.
Valerie Stockdale
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