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Custom Aerial Billboards: How To Write an Ad in 8 Words or Less

aerial billboard

When creating your business' marketing campaign, ad copy is everything. You want your messages to be on brand, clear, concise, and eye catching. When adding an aerial billboard to your campaign, however, you will have much less copy to work with. Your message has far less space to pack as much punch. Follow these tips for writing short, effective ad copy to take full advantage of your aerial advertising. 

  1. Know Your Audience: As your airplane message flies across the sky, who is going to be looking at it? Will it be flying over families at the beach? Festival goers? Attendees of a football game? Tailor your message to these people.
  2. Have One Message: While you may have space in traditional ad copy to convey multiple ideas, you have about one sentence on your aerial banner. Choose one central message that you want to convey and stick with it. Make the idea unquestionably clear.
  3. Stick to Your Brand: By using words and phrases that are unique to your brand, you automatically become more recognizable. The same goes for repeating the brand of your campaign. You want potential clients to recognize your business when they see it advertised other places.
  4. Choose Carefully: Put thought into choosing each word. Read the copy out loud. Is it catchy? Will it stick in your head? While it's best to keep the words simple and easily understood, keep it punchy.
  5. Talk With The Viewer: Rather than directing a message at the viewer, try speaking with the viewer. Phrase the copy as a question or a call to action. Some campaigns have a 20% response rate. Given the distance covered by the plane, this could be a lot of potential customers. Be sure to put your website at the bottom to direct potential customers to your business, finishing the conversation.
  6. Workshop the Copy: Experiment with different ways to phrase the same message. Again, read them out loud. If they aren't quite where you want them, try swapping in different words and flipping around the sentence structure. You have limited space, so it should be perfect.

Sky banners are an eye-catching way to deliver concise content to a wide audience. Take full advantage of this opportunity by carefully crafting your banner's ad copy, making your aerial billboard a central part of your marketing campaign. 

Everything was amazing and I can’t thank this team and company enough! I recommend them!
B. Zanni
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