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Add Sky Banners to Your Multi-Media Advertising Campaign

sky banners

Aerial advertising is an effective way to announce a new business, promote a sale, and increase or enhance brand awareness. It can prove to be an excellent complement to an existing print and website advertising campaign. Using aerial advertising can also potentially increase website traffic and social media shares. It is well-known that people active on social media sites share and tweet their experiences, views, and product endorsements.

Skywriting is one popular form of aerial advertising. During ideal weather conditions, when the air is clear, crisp, humid, and windless, the message can remain suspended for 20 minutes or longer. Another benefit to skywriting, weather conditions permitting, is that the message will usually be visible for a minimum of 30 miles.

Sky banners are also an effective method to deliver your company’s message. The letters on an airplane sign are usually five-feet-high. Since banners are towed lower in the sky over beaches and other outdoor areas where people gather, they are closer to the ground and easy to read.

Airplane banner advertising with sky banners can definitely draw a crowd’s attention. Furthermore, approximately 79% of the people that participated in a recent survey responded that they could remember the product or service. As to remembering the actual message, 67% responded that they remembered half or more of it.

There are a variety of airplane message options available for both sky-written and banner advertising. Since an aerial advertising message needs to be succinct, it will be much easier for an audience of potential customers to remember it. This makes aerial advertising an excellent delivery system to make announcements and peak curiosity.

Aerial advertising rates are usually computed on an hourly basis. There are aerial advertising packages available, however. When a message is delivered and received frequently, it can also reinforce the message, thus assisting an audience with remembering a product or service. This serves to greatly enhance product and service recognition.

There are a number of obvious benefits to including aerial advertising as part of a multi-media ad campaign. If you would like to learn more about custom aerial banner advertising or hire a skywriter to begin your campaign, contact us today.

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