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3 Reasons Why Successful Companies Use Aerial Advertising

airplane bannersAerial advertising has been a popular form of marketing for almost 100 years. The only reason it hasn't been longer? That's how long planes have been in existence. In fact, just a few short years after the Wright Brothers historic first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, airplane banners began streaming through the skies in the 1920s. By 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration authorized roughly 600 companies to fly airplane banners across the sky for advertising purposes.

There are many reasons why, despite the advent of some revolutionary technology, aerial advertising is still popular among successful companies. Here are just a few of the benefits of aerial advertising.

Excellent Brand Promotion
 Brand awareness is key to a successful business. Even if you have the best product in the world, unless people know your brand and have a positive image of that brand, you're not going to be very successful. Flying aerial advertisements over crowded areas is a surefire way of promoting your brand and increasing your exposure. Whether your company is an international conglomerate or a local taco truck, marketing across the sky will surely increase your brand's awareness.

Who doesn't love airplane banners?

Save On Marketing Costs
 Aerial advertising costs much less than other forms of mass marketing. Successfully advertising a product, service, or brand isn't easy — or cheap. Rather than throwing thousands of dollars into television ads and other forms of marketing that might not be effective, using aerial banners to advertise is much more cost effective and can still deliver powerful and engaging messages.

With certain forms of advertising, there are often hidden fees that can end up costing you even more money down the road. All that fine print can be a nightmare if you aren't careful. On the other hand, aerial messaging companies rarely use any hidden expenses, which allows you to truly focus on your advertisement and marketing campaign.

Great for All Kinds of Occasions 
With aerial ads, the only restrictions involve ceilings and nighttime. Other than that, sky banners can be quite effective. The best times to advertise, however, should involve a little more consideration that just making sure it's daylight and the ad is outdoors. Major sporting events, company promotional events, graduation ceremonies, concerts and music festivals, beach parties, rush hour traffic, and any other event that involves a large amount of people gathering are great for flying your advertisements. In most cases, airplane banner towing is much, much less expensive than sponsoring or advertising directly at these events.

If you want to better promote your brand for a wide audience, save on advertising costs, and reach a large amount of people, contact Aerial Messages about airplane banner towing today.

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