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Aerial Advertising for Political Campaigns

Take your campaign message to the skies with one of the most effective and affordable political advertising options available! Whether campaigning for a local, state, or national office, aerial advertising is extremely effective at getting your message in front of the right people at the right time – for a long time.

With print or broadcast/TV advertising, your audience is often distracted or downright disinterested. With aerial banner ads, your audience is captive, in one place, and likely exposed to your ad repeatedly over the course of an hour or two flight. This means that your cost per exposure is much lower than with more traditional forms of advertising. Even more importantly, a simple airplane banner ad focuses on your message and your call-to-action instead of attacking your opponent. This is an important consideration since studies claim that 82% of Americans dislike political attack ads.

Election season is upon us and the time to get your campaign advertising planned and executed is now. Whether you work with a nonprofit and simply want to encourage people to get out and vote or if you’re spearheading a presidential campaign and need creative ways to reach a new demographic, we’ve got you covered. We have the expertise and experience to recommend aerial advertising ideas for you that we know work well and will help you accomplish your objectives.

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I was blessed to have worked with Lina A. Herran at Aerial Messages and she delivered one of the best experiences in our life. Thank you Lina for everything ma'am! God bless you!
Michael Taylor
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