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  • Airplane Banner Advertisements Aren't Going Anywhere

    banner flying Advertising has changed so much over the last -- say -- 100 years or so? Radio was king for a while; people used to read these things called "newsiepapers" or something like that; the Internet did its thing; and does anyone even watch television anymore?

    Surely there will be a new advertising medium in the near future: probably virtual reality or space advertising! But until then, we are still going to be using the more traditional methods of advertising.

    There is one advertising method, however, that has literately been around for 20 years and is going strong. It's not word of mouth... it's something much cooler.

    Airplane Banner Advertising
    That's right! Airplanes have been banner flying since the early 1920s! And because of its effectiveness and cheap prices (considering how many people you will be able to reach with an advertisement), it doesn't seem like this method of advertising is going anywhere!

    If you want to improve your company's advertising strategy, why not take advantage of some quality banner flying marketing? There are so many benefits to plane advertising, aside from being the most awesome.

    The consumer retention you will receive after each banner will impress any advertiser. A survey of consumers found that wholly 88% of people actually remembered the airplane banner ad 30 minutes after it flew by. One can assume that other forms of advertising do not enjoy that high of a retention percentage.

    Along with retention, the sheer amount of consumers you will be able to reach will blow you away. Imagine you want to advertise in New Jersey. Some of those beaches are so packed each day, that more than a million people will be there. That means that you can advertise your company's brand, product, and services for only a couple hundred bucks to more than 1 million people! It doesn't get much better than that, now does it?

    Banner flying has been around for so long because it works and no matter how old and "mature" a person is, they will always look up to see a plane because planes are cool. If you want to improve your corporate branding and advertising, call today and set up an airplane banner advertisement!

  • Improve Your Corporate Branding With Aerial Messaging

    airplane message 

    We've all seen those airplanes with the banners behind them. They are always advertising something like "Come to Joe's Chicken" while they fly over packed beaches. The way these pilots have to attach these banners to the airplane is actually a lot cooler than you might think. It takes a lot of skill and precision.

    Check out this cool Gizmodo video of how they do it!

    The plane banners aren't actually attached to the plane until it's already in the air. That's insane! The pilots have to fly an airplane directly at a little tiny hook and some rope in hopes of attaching the banner to the back. Pretty crazy, huh?

    There's probably a lot you don't know about the aerial banner industry. For example, airplane banner advertising has been around for almost 100 years! Even with the insane amount of revolutionary digital innovations that have happened over the last few decades, airplane banner advertising is still going strong.
    Because banner ads are a great and -- considering the amount of people you can reach for the price -- cost effective way of corporate branding and advertising.

    Simply flying over a beach with an airplane message is a great way to market your business to literally hundreds of thousands of people. During some months, beaches can be packed with more than one million people on a single day. All of those people are potential customers and if there is a giant airplane message up in the sky... it's tough not to look.

    Even 30 minutes after a plane has passed by with a banner advertisement, roughly 88% of people remember that ad. Not a lot of other mediums have that kind of retention. A giant banner attached to a machine flying through the air apparently interests people.

    Although these messages literally fly by, they won't be out of site or mind in a matter of seconds like other advertising mediums. An airplane message can be seen through ideal weather conditions for more than 20 minutes and visible from up to 30 miles away! How's that for reach?

    Aerial messaging has been around for almost 100 years because it works. As long as there are planes traveling across the sky -- and it doesn't seem like we are going backward so we should be all set -- aerial messaging can help expand your corporate branding and advertising.