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  • 5 of the Best Advertising Campaigns Over the Last Few Years

    airplane bannersCompanies have horrible advertising campaigns all the time, like these gems. Those in charge of their marketing either just don't think, think way too much and overlook the seemingly obvious badness, or are just completely clueless.

    Some companies, however, managed to come up with creative, original, and extremely successful ad campaigns that can change the trajectory of a business forever. Here are a few examples:

    • Dos Equis -- The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign started off in 2007 and is still going strong today. Although the majority of beer commercials in the early 2000s consisted of wild frat boys doing something "funny," clearly the beer-drinking demographic was looking for someone a little more sophisticated, a little more mysterious, a little more James Bond-like, and a little more... interesting. Stay thirsty, my friends.
    • ALS Association -- Although the ALS Association did not come up with the Ice Bucket Challenge, they certainly enjoyed all the newfound awareness being spread and the more than $15 million earned thanks to the viral videos being shared. Doing something as simple as pouring a freezing cold bucket of ice water over our heads is funny to watch, for a good cause, and... somehow... fun to do.
    • Kmart -- This next one shows how simply one commercial, rather than an entire campaign, can be enough to grow your brand or get back to the level you were once at. Kmart's "Ship My Pants" campaign was just a little play on words that resulted in more than 22 million YouTube views, 890,000 likes on Facebook, 600,000 shares on Facebook, 400,000 Facebook comments, and a whole bunch of pants purchases.
    • Apple -- Apple's brilliant, "Get a Mac" ad campaign provided plenty of laughs in 2006 while simultaneously promoting their brand and destroying PC's. There were more than 65 of these commercials that consisted of only two men in front of a white background, with nothing more than plain clothes and a few easy-to-find props.
    • Allstate -- Allstate's Mayhem character is one of the greatest characters in television.

    It's up to you to think outside the box and get creative with your advertising campaigns. The ones that are the most successful seem to be quite simple and use comedy or some sort of creativity.

    Airplane banners are a great way to start a creative ad campaign because of the price, the response rate -- which is nearly 20% for some campaigns -- and amount of people that can be reached by one single ad. Airplane banners cost much less money than other forms of advertising -- typically $450 an hour -- like television and have been flying through the sky since the late 1920s.

    If you want to learn more about marketing with airplane banners or any other form of advertising, don't overthink it, try to be funny, be creative, be original, and most importantly, don't be offensive.

  • How to Use Banner Plane Advertising to Grow Your Small Business

    banner planeAdvertising isn't cheap and successful advertising campaigns can feel like it costs more than your entire company brings in. It's hard for the mom and pop small businesses of the world to compete with multi-million dollar companies that can throw millions of dollars at advertising companies and not even care about the results.

    For big companies, if it works -- great and if it doesn't -- oh well. They can just move on to the next advertising medium or campaign. For smaller companies, however, they don't have that wasteful luxury. Those companies are typically on strict, smaller budgets that everyone needs to adhere to so that the entire business doesn't go under.

    Small business owners have to figure out how much to pay the few employees they have on staff, the cost of producing their product or performing their service, logistical bills, and hundreds of other things. And then there is advertising. It's simple -- if people don't know your business exists, you won't get any business yourself. You have to get your name out there. But how can you do that without spending thousands of dollars on TV commercials or other forms of expensive mediums?

    Banner Plane Advertising
    Rather than spending thousands on ad campaigns that could result in 100% failure, looking to a more cost-effective form of advertising like banner plane adverting is a much more financially responsible decision for your company's future. Planes have been flying banners since the 1920s and in 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration authorized more than 600 companies to fly banners and conduct aerial ads. This marketing medium has been around for so long and been this popular because it works. And it doesn't just work for huge corporations -- it works for the average Joe.

    Spending a couple hundred bucks to advertise your company, where your company is located, and what product or service your company sells could improve your chance of gaining new customers.

    According to a survey of banner plane respondents, 79% of them remembered the product or service that was advertised and 67% retained at least half of the message from the ad.

    Don't let big corporations stomp you out of business because you can't find accessible advertising. Start an aerial banner campaign and get your name out there today!

  • Small Business Owner? Airplane Signs Can Help!

    airplane signs

    Being a small business owner certainly has its perks. Everyone is cheering you on. You only have a few employees (if any) to worry about. Best of all, you know exactly what's going on in your business, because you're in charge. 

    However, being a small business owner can also be a nightmare! Everyone's eyes are on you and it seems like they are waiting for you to fail. You only have a small about of people working for you. You're aware of exactly what's going on with your business, and you are in charge of everything.

    It can flip from overwhelming to exciting pretty much at any moment.

    Because it's such a crazy job, no matter what field your business is in, you should do everything and anything you can to get ahead of the competition and make things easier on yourself.

    Advertising, for instance, can be extremely stressful for small business owners because they often have to compete with multi-million dollar corporations that can just throw hundreds of thousands of dollars toward advertising. You can't do that. So you have to adjust.

    Airplane signs are a great way to think outside the box and off the ground. Aerial advertising costs much less than other forms of advertising and has plenty more benefits.

    The response rate is surprisingly great for airplane signs. Some ad campaigns even enjoy a response rate of 20%. That might not seem like a lot if you're only reaching a couple people, but airplane signs have the potential to reachmillions for a relatively low cost.

    Some densely packed beaches, like the ones in New Jersey, have more than 1 million people occupying the beach on a single day. Even if the ad only works on a fraction of the beachgoers, that's still about 20,000 new customers.

    Aerial ads work because people typically don't forget what they read in the sky as a giant metal machine flew over them. Approximately 79% of survey respondents remember the product or service that was offered via aerial ad, and 67% respondents retained at least half of the message being displayed. That's not too shabby considering the cost-effective method of advertising.

  • Despite All the Changes to the Ad Industry Over the Years, Plane Advertising is Still Successful

    There is so much money inside the advertising industry. For decades, companies have poured millions of dollars into advertising their product or service through various mediums.

    At one point in history, print advertising was king. Large corporations spent a significant amount of their budget on print marketing. Shortly after that, radio was the primary form of advertising.

    After the radio surge in advertising dollars, TV, Internet, and other media started bringing in all the money. A few mediums tried and failed to join the ranks of top advertising moneymakers. Now, it looks like future of advertising will be full of new and exciting innovations.

    However, one form of advertising has remained consistent and successful for more than 100 years.

    Airplane Advertising

    Plane advertising companies began using this form of marketing in the early 1920s. It has since become a successful way for businesses to market their product.

    Aerial ads typically cost about $450 an hour. In comparison to the amount of money companies shove into TV and other advertising mediums, plane advertising is extremely cost effective.

    Think about it: if you are trying to successfully advertise your product or service and your company is on a tight budget, only spending $450 for one hour of advertising can potentially increase your profits tremendously. Some U.S. beaches, on a single day, can have more than a million people. Even if your banner ad reaches one-third of that, that’s still more than 300,000 people for only $450.

    It doesn’t get much better than that.

    It’s too hard to tell what new advertising mediums will claim the advertising throne in the future, but it seems like aerial advertising isn’t going anywhere. If you are looking for cost effective ways to advertise for your company, think about aerial banner advertising.

    To set up your own aerial ad campaign, contact Aerial Messages, Inc. today.

  • New Drone Technology Could Change Ad Industry

    plane bannerThe advertising industry has seen monumental changes over the last few centuries. At one time, simply being able to share the written word with someone else was kind of a breakthrough. Then one day, a gigantic metal machine flying across the sky blew the minds of millions.

    Airplane banners have been being flown since the early 1920s and they have lasted. even through the aughts and all the technological advancements that came with that decade. Plane banners have been effective for years -- providing a large advertising reach with a relatively lost cost -- but there is a chance that the aerial ad industry is going to use some new innovative technology in the near future.

    Along with plane banners, skywriting is another form of aerial advertising. These sky-written messages can be visible for more than 2,800 square miles, and if the weather conditions are ideal, can stay in view for about 20 minutes. Pretty crazy that we have the technology to have a pilot fly an airplane and write messages in the sky.

    Thanks to the help of some revolutionary technology, another skywriting service is on the horizon.

    Automated skywriting could be implemented by some aerial advertisers soon, as drones now have the ability to be programmed to use LED lighting tech to write ad messages in the sky. These high-tech messages could last even longer than traditional skywriting.

    Drones have been gaining some serious momentum over the last few years. What is now a $137 million industry can expect to reach up to $2.7 billion by 2022. Drones will be everywhere. This drone technology is rapidly changing so many industries: food delivery, law enforcement, and even wedding photography. Many more industries are being affected, but advertisers are surely looking to capitalize on the new drone fad.

    "The benefits of digital advertising are spreading to aerial presentations leveraging robotic aerial platforms," saidSusan Eustis, president and CEO of WinterGreen Research. "Continued growth is assured."

    "The pace of the drone industry," said Keith Kaplan, CEO of Tesla Foundation, is "moving at light speed and there are no signs of slowing."

  • Some Advertising Strategies are Here to Stay no Matter How Advanced Technology Becomes

    aerial banners 

    Advertising is always changing. New ideas, new opportunities, and new technology have enabled the advertising industry to rapidly change over the years. It is now 2016 and we are probably pretty close to living on another planet, and we even figured out how to print a piece of paper without it jamming.

    We truly cannot be stopped.

    The Internet is more powerful now than ever before and the money and technology being poured into Silicon Valley and other tech hubs is insane. There is a very good chance that robots will soon be advertising for us, 3-Diminesional ads are on the way, and other crazy ways of advertising that haven't even been thought up yet will arrive in a matter of days.

    However, some advertisements seem to be able to stand the test of time.

    Somehow, today, people will still occasionally pick up a newspaper and read it. Billboards still seem to attract a decent amount of people. Radio still exists and people listen to the advertisements there. And television ads are still pretty effective. Technology has altered many of those mediums, but has not done away with them.

    There are other -- more underrated -- advertising examples that have been around for decades and are still successful. And that's for one main reason: because they work. They could even be on the rise.

    Airplane Banner Advertising

    Aerial banners are still being used by organizations to reach more consumers, improve their advertising campaigns, and increase their profits. Aerial ads have been around since the years 1920s and are still going strong today.

    But why?

    Why does an advertising medium -- even though it consists of flying a metal machine across the sky -- that seems outdated still work?

    Simply because people like to look at things.

    People are easy to please. So if you take a New Jersey beach that has more than 1.5 million people there, fly a few aerial banners across the sky, a pretty large percentage of those people are going to look at that advertisement. More people will look at a giant metal machine flying a banner across the sky than pay attention to an ad on the radio or read a small one in the paper.

    Some aerial banners can even achieve a 20% response rate from those it reached.

    As retro as flying a plane may be, these advertisements aren't going anywhere. They are still here because they work. If your business is looking to improve its advertising, perhaps you're not looking high enough.

  • An Underrated Form of Advertising 10,000 Miles Up in the Sky

    aerial adAdvertising is responsible for some of the most creative innovations of the 20th and 21st centuries. The new technology that is available to us today provides advertisers with even more options, decisions, and ways to get their messages out to consumers.

    The advertising industry is always changing. However, some forms of advertising have still been around for a while and are perhaps underrated throughout the industry.

    Airplane Advertising
    Aerial advertising has been around for nearly 100 years. Planes first started trailing banners in the early 1920s and have continued into the present day. This is an advertising medium that isn't being taken advantage of by enough businesses, so perhaps your company can get a step up on the competition. Here are some benefits:

    One of the greatest benefits of aerial advertising is the ability to reach people. You don't have to be sitting on the couch watching television, visiting websites online, reading the newspaper, or driving in your car listening to the radio to have access to advertisements in the sky. You just have to be outside or near a window.

    If a plane is advertising across a crowded beach, your ad could be seen by upwards of one million people! In calm weather conditions, an aerial message can be visible from up to 30 miles away and can hang around for more than 20 minutes. Whether it's a banner ad or writing in the sky, a message 10,000 feet in the air seems to have a little more of an effect than one on the ground.

    According to a consumer survey, about 88% of people remember an aerial banner 30 minutes after it passed by. Nearly four in five people (79%) remember the product or service that was on the advertisement and 67% of people actually retain that message 30 minutes after they saw it. Not too many other forms of advertising have that strong of retention.

    It makes sense, doesn't it? A giant metal machine flying thousands of miles in the air with a long tail trailing it -- people are going to look at that.

    Although the advertising industry seemingly changes every few days due to all the new technology, aerial advertising doesn't seem to be going anywhere!

  • 3 Reasons Why A Plane Advertising Banner is Better than a Billboard

    plane advertising banner 

    Have you ever wondered about how to make your company's brand visible to more hungry consumer eyes? Of course you have -- that's what advertising is all about. But if you think the road to success is paved on a highway-side billboard stand, think again. Plane advertising banners are a cost-efficient, far-reaching, and highly memorable way to deliver your message to more potential customers. Here's why:

    • Cost
      Aerial advertising costs about $450 per hour -- that's less than the cost of pasting up a single billboard. With billboard advertising, you might have to lease a minimum number of posts, and on top of that, you'll also have to pay rent on those spaces for a number of weeks. All of those costs can quickly bring your expenses up well into the thousands or tens of thousands, depending on the city and location. With planes banners, it's all-in-one.

    • Reach
      A well-placed highway billboard might get you lots of visibility during the morning commute, but it's still no match for a well-timed plane advertising banner. Especially during the summer months, popular U.S. beaches can have as many as 1.5 million visitors per day. That's a lot of eyes ready to look up and see your message sailing high overhead.

    • Memorability
      Speaking of the morning commute, what billboards did you see on your way to work this morning? Don't remember? Roadside billboards either go by in the blink of a second or, in heavy traffic areas, are so ubiquitous and commonplace as to be totally inconsequential. Airplane banners, on the other hand, are a sight to behold. Beach-goers lounging in the sand are much more likely to take notice of an airplane message than angry drivers are of billboards. In fact, consumer studies indicate that 79% of people will remember the product or service that appears on an aerial ad, while a full 67% can remember at least half of its actual phrasing. Sky banners really leave an impression!

    If you're looking for a way to reach more people more effectively and at a lower price, it's definitely time to quit the billboard game. Plane advertising banners are a fun and funky way to deliver your message to tons of consumers who are more likely to pay attention. Best of all, it's delivered at a reasonable price. Time to start cooking up your banner design today.

  • How Your Business can Benefit From Aerial Advertisements

    aerial ads 

    #FireKlinsmann was the most recent airplane banner that caused a stir in the soccer world. United States Men's National Soccer Team coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, has struggled lately, and fans are letting him know how they feel. The banner ad was flown over Mapfre Stadium in Ohio before the U.S. took on Guatemala.

    Aerial ads don't have to only be used for throwing digs at soccer coaches. There are many more productive ways to utilize airplane banner advertising.

    Your company's marketing campaign can benefit tremendously with aerial ads. They can improve any advertising strategy for a relatively cheap cost, especially when you consider how many people you can potentially reach.

    Here are some benefits of airplane advertising that your business can take advantage of:

    • Airplane banner ads can reach millions of people from miles away at any given point in a day. For experimental purposes, imagine you're a lemonade stand in New Jersey with a weirdly high advertising budget. Radio, television and newspaper ads might produce a few customers here or there, but nothing substantial. On a hot summer day, if you have an airplane ad fly over a densely packed beach with more than one million people there, it might encourage thousands of people to stop by and get some lemonade.

    • People remember aerial ads for a while. A survey of consumers found that 88% of them remembered seeing a plane banner ad 30 minutes after it had flown by. About 79% of those respondents remember the exact product or service being advertised and 67% remember at least half of the actual message.

    • Aerial advertising can increase the response rate of your costumers if done successfully. A few aerial advertising campaigns have achieved more than a 20% response rate.

    • These aerial messages can be seen for miles. In ideal weather conditions, banner messages can be seen for over 20 minutes and be visible from 30 miles away.

    Whether you want to get a professional soccer coach fired or spread awareness about your company, aerial advertisements can help any company's advertising strategy.

  • Reach More People: Giant Advertising in the Sky

    flying banners behind planes 

    There is something about seeing a giant metal machine flying through the sky. It's 2016 and we are already living in the future. We are living in a completely digital world and are probably extremely close to teleporting and living our entire lives in some 3D doppelganger clone of ourselves. Airplanes actually feel like an old piece of technology, because they've been around for over 100 years. But no matter what crazy technology comes our way, when a plane flies across the sky... people look.

    That's why aerial advertising works so well. Flying banners behind planes -- although simple nowadays -- is a brilliant way of advertising that not enough businesses take advantage of. There are millions of billboards out there that can reach people for a few seconds a day and from maybe a distance of up to a mile? Maybe.

    Flying banners behind planes has way better of a reach than that. You will be able to advertise your product, service, company, or brand to way more people than a silly billboard. Airplane messages can be visible up to 30 miles away and they will stay in view for more than 20 minutes.

    There aren't too many billboards with that kind of reach. There aren't too many any type of advertisements having that kind of reach. Up to 30 miles away for more than 20 minutes! It's crazy to think that companies have that kind of advertising benefit available to them and so few take advantage of it.

    Imagine a day at a popular beach. In some parts of the country, there are close to 1 million people at any time across a beach. How many of those beachgoers would look up and see your sky advertising? A plane is in the sky in front of them... probably the majority will look. A few plane advertising campaigns even have a 20% response rate. That's a lot of potential people who are just waiting to spend their money on your business.

    Advertisers have been flying banners behind planes since the early 1920s. They have been going on for so long because they work. If you have an idea for your company's advertising, contact us today!