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  • Advertising in the Sky? 3 Tips for Writing Great Ad Copy

    aerial billboards

    Advertising can be extremely tricky. Just because you throw millions of dollars into an ad campaign doesn't mean it'll be any more successful than a smarter $500 ad. It all comes down to reach, quality, and the content.

    Aerial billboards flying across the sky, for example, are great for reach -- as they can fly across crowded beaches and highways with a large banner trailing behind -- but if your airplane message isn't engaging, it's not going to be that successful of an advertisement.

    Although 79% of survey respondents said they remember the product or service that was offered across aerial billboards (and 67% remembered at least half of the ad copy itself), that only works if you have a memorable message to share.

    That's why it's vital to know how to write good marketing copy. Simply put, airplane messages with great content can expect great results, while mediocre ads will fall flat. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing copy for your next aerial advertisement.

    In Aerial Billboards, the Bigger the Better

    Both literally and metaphorically, writing the biggest and best possible message in the biggest and best possible lettering is a must. Don't try to just get people a tiny bit interested in your brand by flying a banner ad with an OK message on it. Try to write the best copy that will actually make people have a fiery desire to buy your product or service. You might not achieve this, but you should absolutely try to invoke feelings of humor, surprise, nostalgia, and other types of "the feels".

    Brevity is the Soul of Wit

    Don't think that if you're trying to write great copy that it has to be a page and a half long -- obviously that would never work on an aerial message. If you can get across a clever and engaging message with only a few words, then you have an even better chance of gaining some new customers. Don't write a soliloquy; keep it simple.

    Know Who You're Trying to Reach

    If you don't have at least a general idea of who your target demographic is, you are in some serious trouble already. When writing copy for any advertisement, you should know exactly who you're writing for. You should know how old your ideal customer is, how they see the world, and what they want and expect from your company.

    Of course, not everyone is meant to be a copywriter. If you need help writing the words for your next airplane banner, contact Aerial Messages today to learn more about designing the perfect aerial billboards for your brand.

  • Grow Your Company's Brand With These Two Aerial Messages

    airplane messageAerial advertising might sound like a futuristic marketing technique or a concept from The Jetsons, but it has actually been around for nearly a century. In the early 1920s, companies began flying airplane aerial ads to promote all kinds of products, services, and brands, and it's still an effective method of advertising today.

    Airplane messages are effective because, even though they've been around for decades, it's still an amazing sight to see a giant metal machine flying across the sky, and if it's delivering a message, it draws even more attention. People don't care about newspapers or radio ads as much as they used to, and with video streaming as popular as it is, conventional television ads are no longer as effective, either. Enter a creative and attention-grabbing form of marketing: airplane messages.

    There are two major types of //airplane messages: sky banners and sky writing.

    Sky Banners
     Sky banners are the more common of the two aerial advertising forms, and most people have probably seen these banners while on vacation at the beach. They are such an effective form of advertising because the banner is easily visible for miles. Rather than reaching a few specific people at a time, these banners can literally reach hundreds of thousands of people. Some crowded beaches have close to one million people sunbathing, picnicking or playing games; there aren't many other forms of advertising that have such a large audience.

    Sky Writing
     Sky writing is the more skillful and technical form of aerial advertising. Sky-written messages can be seen for more than 2,800 square miles -- much further than even the largest, brightest billboard in the world. And the very novelty of seeing letters appear in the air means that these messages are captivating and attention-getting.

    The best part about these aerial advertisements is that simplicity is often the best option. You won't have a lot of costumer responses to a complicated ad with long sentences and crowded messages, just as writing a paragraph in the sky will go mostly unread. Just having a banner that reads "Sale" with the name of your business will be sufficient. Similarly, a sky written message consisting of only the company's name can spread enough brand awareness to attract a significant number of new customers. 

    They say that everything old is new again, and that's certainly true of aerial advertising. Stand out from the crowd of internet ads, direct mail flyers and radio spots -- try spreading your message in the sky.

  • 3 Tips for Designing Impactful Aerial Banner Ads

    aerial banner advertising

    Aerial banner advertising can help companies improve their corporate brand, increase the number of customers, and can even bring in much more revenue if done correctly. Aerial advertising costs less than some other forms of media and can be even more effective.

    Designing these banners is the most important part of the entire aerial marketing process. You can't just throw some small wording and an ugly logo on a banner and expect your product or service to sell. You have to take the designing process seriously and handle each aspect with diligence.

    Size of the Writing
    The banners that are most effective usually have five-foot-high letters on them. Having the letters this large is important if you want your aerial banner advertising campaign to be successful. You want people to be able to easily identify what your banner says from as far away as possible. If you try to cram too many sentences on your banner and have to shorten the size of letters as a result, your ad will not reach nearly as much people. You should also make the text bold and avoid unusual fonts.

    High Contrast
    High contrast designs are important for banners because they will make it much easier to read as the ad travels across the sky. Many people seeing the ad will only a have a few moments to read what it says, so if you have too much going on, it's going to be difficult for people to decipher the message. Large black writing over a neon green background can be very effective as it will clearly stand out in a bright blue sky and people will be able to see the ad for miles. For the best kind of writing, each letter and graphic should have sharp edges so they won't look fuzzy from far away.

    Defined Areas
    Aerial banner advertising campaigns that overlap or blend different graphic elements together on the ad are not very effective. This strategy makes the ad look too cluttered and more difficult to identify from far away. You should have plenty of blank space on your banner. Never overlap text and images, and have defined borders around each graphic and letter.

    Doing all this will make your banner much more effective and easy to read. Contact Aerial Messages if you want to start your own airplane advertising campaign.

  • Spend Less Money for More Reach With Airplane Banner Advertising

    airplane banner cost

    Growing your brand is one of the most important aspects of running a business in the 21st century. Even if your company offers the best product and service around, if you don't have a successful marketing strategy, people aren't going to trust your business.

    It's not as simple as tossing money into ad campaigns, either. Television ads can work great, but only if they are original, engaging, make a lasting impression on viewers, and most importantly, have a huge budget. It's a pretty hefty risk to run expensive ads that may or may not generate any sort of revenue, so marketers need to find successful ways of advertising that don't break the bank as much.

    That's why airplane banner advertising is a great way to promote your brand, grow your clientele, and advertise your product or service. Advertising with an airplane banner costs much less than expensive T.V. ads. The average airplane banner costs about $450 for one hour of sky advertising. Just think about the number of people you'll be able to reach in that hour -- that's a fantastic deal.

    Obviously, there are bad times to fly these aerial advertisements, as you probably won't reach too many people with a nighttime banner. But as long as you and your marketing staff know when and where to advertise, you should expect a very successful campaign.

    Flying these aerial billboards across a crowded beach on a prime summer day can make an impression on nearly one million people. For only a couple hundred bucks, that type of reach just cannot be matched by any other advertising medium. Say a beach has only 100,000 people, which is actually quite low for most popular beaches, if you fly an aerial banner advertising your brand and only half of those people notice the banner (also a lowball number) and only about 25% of those people actually check out your company, that's still a possible 12,000 to 13,000 customer increase for your business.

    Because airplane banner costs are so much lower than other forms of advertising, and the chance of adding new customers and increasing revenue is potentially higher, it's kind of a no brainier for your company on what your next advertising strategy should be.

    If you want to begin your own sky advertising campaign contact Aerial Messages today!

  • Improve Your Marketing Strategy: 3 Great Times to Advertise in the Sky

    banner towingAdvertising can often feel like a chess match. There are hundreds of thousands of similar companies that are all trying to get the upper hand when it comes to marketing their products and services. Some businesses throw their money into television campaign, some focus on traditional ads like radio and newspapers, and some try and get creative with invasive online and text messaging ads.

    Businesses need to find a way to creatively stand out, while simultaneously using a form of advertising that has been around for almost a century, and save money doing so. Does any such advertising medium exist?

    Airplane Banner Towing Services

    Aerial advertising has been around since the 1920s and is a great way for businesses to grow their brand for a comparatively cheap price. By spending only a fraction of what expensive TV campaigns can be, you can grow your corporate brand and attract many new customers simply by working with a banner towing service. Roughly 79% of survey respondents stated that they remember products or services that were advertised on an aerial banner. Of those surgery respondents, 67% stated that they retained at least half of the message. Not too many other forms of advertising enjoy those kinds of numbers on just a single ad.

    When it comes to aerial advertising, it's all about timing. Just flying your company's name and logo across a crowded beach is good, but to really reap all the benefits of banner towing advertising, you should take advantage of special situations.

    Grand Openings

    If you're opening up a business for the first time, generate some buzz about your company with some aerial ads. People love a good sky ad, but they will like it even more if it's something they've never seen before. Fly a few ads promoting your grand opening with the exact details and a few other ads that act as more of a teaser to keep the curiosity flowing -- maybe just your company's logo or a creative slogan to gain their attention.

    End of Summer Sales

    If you have a serious deal going on that includes something like "buy one get one free," "everything half off," or "earn a free trip," people are going to notice those banners more than anything else. People love a good deal and if you advertise it properly, you can really take advantage of their interest.

    Big Announcements

    Other big announcements like new ownership or a brand new location will generate excitement and get people talking about your company. Take advantage of these opportunities by flying a giant banner across the sky and watch the people flock to your business.

  • Thinking About Using Banner Advertising? Here Are the 5 Best Places to Fly Over

    You know your business needs to advertise, but how? If you are not the creative type, you may not know where to start. Take out an ad in the local newspaper? Make a low-budget TV ad or come up with a clever radio jingle?

    No one wants to see any more of the same boring T.V. commercials or newspaper ads. People want originality. If you want to advertise your business in a creative way, you should think about working with an experienced banner flying company.

    Airplane advertising has been around for years -- as planes began flying banners in the early 1920s -- but, because not enough businesses take advantage of this medium, it still has a very original feel to it. Comparatively, you can spend far less money on airplane banners over expensive T.V. ads.

    The best reason to set up an advertising campaign with a banner flying company, however, is the number of people your ad will reach. You don't have to wait for people to pick up a newspaper, turn on the T.V., or turn on the radio to find your ad -- you can bring it right to them. Simply by flying a banner in the sky, you'll enjoy potentially hundreds of thousands of new eyes reading your company's slogan, seeing your logo, and reading your message.

    Here are some of the best times and places for aerial advertising opportunities:

    • Beaches -- The best way to get the most out of your airplane ad is to get the attention of as many people as possible. When you think large crowds, spread across miles and miles of real estate, you think beaches. Flying a banner ad across a crowded beach could potentially reach around a million people. Not too many other advertising mediums enjoy that kind of success.
    • Major Highways -- While this may not be quite as successful as the beach, simply because people aren't as relaxed and happy, flying ads above major highways is nevertheless a great way to reach a lot of people. It depends on what product or service you're advertising, too. A roadside assistance company, for instance, might be even more effective above highways than the beach.
    • Concerts and Sporting Events -- These events are bound to have very large crowds and there is plenty of time before and after the attraction when many people are just walking to their cars, tailgating, or standing around. These events are great for airplane advertising.
    • Local Festivals -- Another great way to spread your company's brand and promote your product or service is to advertise over a local festival. Especially if your business is locally operated, people are always looking to find new local things to do or businesses to support.
    • Holidays -- Simply flying your ads around on national holidays will have an effect; since people are not working, they're out and about, at backyard parties, parks, parades or other events.

    If you're ready to get creative with your advertising, and want to work with a professional banner flying company, contact Aerial Messages today!

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise in the Sky

    Advertising has changed a lot over the years. Pretty soon, it'll seem like there'll be interactive, holographic ads in virtual reality around every corner. Luckily, we aren't to that point yet, but we still have some pretty effective forms of advertising.

    Advertising in the sky, for example, sounds like a futuristic strategy, but we've been doing that since the early 1920s. Airplanes flying banner ads for companies provide more benefits than you might think, too.

    Airplane Banner Flying Costs

    You could spend a fortune on television commercials and hope people don't get sick of them after two or three times, or you could think outside the box, save a ton of money, and still invest in an extremely effective advertising medium. Banner flying costs much less than some of those other traditional forms of advertising, so why not save a few extra bucks?

    Potentially Reach Millions

    Because of the airplane banner flying cost, aerial advertising would be worth it if you could only reach a few thousand people. That's not the case, though, as flying banners over crowded areas like beaches or major highways can reach hundreds of thousands of people and even millions if you're advertising in the right spots. Implementing sky advertising into your company's marketing strategy can greatly improve your business, reach more customers, significantly grow your brand, and generate much more revenue.

    High Response Rate

    If you're still not convinced of the strategy's worth after learning about its relatively low cost and the large number of people you can reach with these ads, the potential response rate will surely change your mind. Some aerial ads enjoy a response rate of 20%, which is extremely difficult to get even with the most effective television ad campaigns.

    If the average person is watching TV and a commercial comes on, even if it's the greatest commercial ever, they might give it a quarter of their attention... maybe? But if a plane is flying across the sky in front of them with a giant banner trailing behind it, they are going to look almost every single time.

    If you want to learn more about aerial advertising, contact Aerial Messages today!

  • Want to Improve Your Brand? Here are 4 Creative Ways That Will Help

    banner towingCorporate branding is a difficult task for any business. You have to tread very carefully between entertaining and informing, between being visible and being invasive. Some brands have perfected it, and some companies have ruined themselves with advertising campaigns that presented their brand in a negative way.

    The best thing you can do for your brand this year is get creative. Businesses of all sizes face more competition than ever before, so it's important to stand out from the crowd. Being authentic and original can help your company and your brand succeed in a crowded marketplace. Of course, that's easier said than done.

    Here are a few creative ways companies are branding themselves in 2016.

    Using Social Media in Unexpected Ways

    Everyone, every company, and every person and company's mom are on social media these days. So just simply having accounts won't accomplish anything. You have to do more than just show up -- so get creative.

    Find ways to engage with your followers, friends, and fans that no one has done before. Hosting creative contests are a great way to encourage participation with your customers, and if done successfully, will grow your brand. Have them send in their own stories, videos, or pictures relating to whatever product or service your organization offers. And most importantly, don't ignore them! If your customers are reaching out to you, it can only help to reach out back to them and actually converse.

    Let's Get Topical

    Fair warning: there is a fine line between being topical and being lame.

    Your audience will definitely tell the difference, so make sure your marketers can do the same. Taking advantage of major social happenings or relevant situations can benefit your business if done correctly and creatively. Figure out ways to incorporate phenomenons like the Olympics or Pokémon Go into your branding, but don't just lazily toss in a few Pokémon puns or Olympic dad jokes. Actually put in the creative effort required to figure out an original idea that will grow your brand.

    Nontraditional Ads

    Even creative TV and radio ads seem outdated and unoriginal. The trick is to find new mediums that not as many businesses are using. Case in point: plane advertising.

    Airplane banner towing is a successful industry that has been flying aerial ads since the 1920s. These banner towing ads can sometimes bring a 20% response rate for businesses, which is a very difficult goal to reach for even the most expensive advertising campaigns. According to a survey of airplane banner towing respondents, 79% of people could remember the product or service that was advertised, while 67% could retain at least half of the message.

    Offer Free Stuff

    The first thing people learn in advertising school is that everyone loves free stuff. So if you want to improve your brand, give people free stuff. Simple, but effective.

    Again, this has been done for decades, so handing out pens with your logo on them won't have too much of an effect. Get creative with the free stuff you're offering, and people will keep them for years to come.

  • Make Your Celebration Special With an Airplane Banner

    airplane banner
    You've probably seen an airplane banner flying through the sky at some point. Maybe you were sitting on the beach with sand between your toes as the plane buzzed overhead, carrying an advertisement for a cool drink, a hot meal, or... cheap auto insurance.

    The point is, you remember it. Most people do: in surveys following aerial banner campaigns, 79% of people remembered the product or service being advertised, and 67% could remember at least half of the message itself.

    There's no better way to grab the attention of a large group of people than giving them a little aerial show. But airplane banners aren't just for corporate advertising. Imagine if you could create a moment that memorable, that special, for someone you love.

    Well, you can!

    Airplanes have been carrying message banners since the 1920s, almost as long as the plane itself has been around. They can do more than just try to sell beach-goers some soda. Make your celebration special and memorable with a custom airplane banner that lets the world know exactly how you feel.

    There's a plane banner perfect for every occasion:

    • Birthday: Let everyone know that you're celebrating a special day by broadcasting a big "Happy Birthday!" sign to the whole town.
    • Anniversary: Tell your spouse how much they mean to you by spelling it out in the sky. Or send one as a surprise to your parents or friends!
    • Proposal: For a truly unique way to pop the question, let the sky do the talking. It'll make a great story for your grandkids someday, and just think about how jealous your Instagram followers will be.
    • Graduation: You can send a message to the whole community by sending off an airplane banner that congratulates all of your favorite grads on their hard work and achievement.

    If aerial advertising campaigns can get a response rate of 20%, imagine the impact your message of love, thanks, or congratulations could spread throughout the sky.

    People everywhere still love the thrill of looking up into the air to see a plane flying overhead, especially one that carries a special message written just for them. Your banner will make your special someone feel loved and appreciated, but it also just might send those warm and fuzzy feelings all throughout the community.

  • 3 of the Most Epic Disasters in Modern Advertising History

    As a business owner, you know that your company's advertising strategy is extremely important. But when it comes to advertising campaigns, too often big businesses either try to get too creative (and it ends up as a total disaster), or those in charge of the advertising just get lazy and allow potentially harmful ads to reach the public.

    So while advertising is an essential part of your business's success, there are so many ways it can go wrong.

    Here are a few examples of how advertising mishaps ended up costing companies millions of dollars in lawsuits and a major decrease in brand popularity.

    1. Celeb Boutique's Twitter Post -- Immediately following the Aurora, Colorado shooting, the hashtag, #Aurora began trending on Twitter. Millions of people used the hashtag to mourn for the people of the deadly tragedy, but Celeb Boutique, although unaware of why it was trending, used the hashtag to promote their Aurora dress product. This sparked a major Twitter controversy, with many angry users boycotting the company.

      Unfortunately, this is just one of many, many examples of corporate social media profiles using a tragedy to their disadvantage.

    2. Macy's False Advertising -- Another small online mistake that ended up angering many customers was Macy's notorious necklace debacle. Macy's tried advertising their usually $1,500 necklace for $479. The only problem: they forgot a digit. The advertisement went out with a listing price of only $47, leading to the necklace selling out immediately. Macy's had to cancel all the orders and angered many customers in the process.

    3. McDonald's Billboard Mistake -- This advertising mistake shows that even little spelling mistakes can shine a horrible light on your brand. Today, if your company posts one mistake on an ad in the smallest town in America, someone can take a picture of it and share it with the world. That's kind of what happened with this McDonald's billboard. Attempting to advertise their "Angus Burger," they forgot the "g" in angus...

    Clearly, simple mistakes made by part-time employees or social media interns , as well as huge mistakes made by big-time advertising executives, can tarnish a company's brand in a matter of minutes. That's why it's extremely important, no matter what size company you are running, that you double, triple and quadruple check your ad before it reaches the public.

    One cost-effective form of advertising available to your business is aerial billboards. Airplane banner advertising companies have been flying aerial billboards since the early 1920s and continue to this day. These aerial ads have to be grammatically correct, not offensive, and truthful just like any other form of advertising. But if you're careful with your aerial advertising, you can reach hundreds of thousands of potential clients at a relatively low cost.

    One of the best reasons aerial billboards are so effective is their response rate, which is up to 20% for some aerial ads. In a survey of customers who witnessed these sky advertisements, 79% could remember what was being advertised and 67% could retain at least half of the entire message. Not too many other mediums have enjoyed that much success.

    Be careful with your advertising, it can ruin the brand you've spent so long building.