• Three Surprising Ways to Use Aerial Advertising in Your Own Life

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    Whether you're more familiar with aerial messaging thanks to that scene in The Wizard of Oz or you've seen it elsewhere in the form of aerial advertising services around town, there's no doubt that these messages are one of the most effective ways to grab people's attention. Surveys have shown that 79% of people exposed to an aerial message will remember the product or service it's advertising!

    And aerial advertising services are truly just the beginning of the possibilities these messages can offer. Here's a look at three of the best ways you can use airplane messages in your own everyday life:

    Thinking about popping the big question to your girlfriend or boyfriend? Many people use aerial banners and airplane messages to propose to their partners — it's the perfect romantic gesture that goes above and beyond (literally). And when the average airplane banner is about eight characters in length, you have the perfect amount of space to say "Marry me?" We're pretty sure he or she will give you the answer you're looking for.

    Baby gender announcements
    Having parties and gatherings to reveal the gender of your baby is an increasingly popular choice for expecting parents. And what better way of revealing whether you'll be having a boy or a girl than by displaying it in the sky for all to see? You could even choose blue or pink lettering depending on the gender. It's the perfect way to finally announce to your friends and family that you're having a boy or girl.

    High school and college graduations
    If your child is graduating from high school or college in a few months, you're probably wondering how best to celebrate it with the rest of your family. By investing in an aerial message that wishes your son or daughter congratulations, it can add an extra touch to his or her graduation party — and show how much you care about his or her success in the future.

    For more information about aerial advertising services and other ways you can use aerial messages, feel free to get in touch with us!

  • The Sky's the Limit When It Comes to Aerial Advertising

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    Have you been looking for a clever and unique way to advertise? Have you ever considered airplane banners or skywriting? Airplane banner advertising and skywriting have been used since the early 1920s, as an effective way for reaching large groups of people. Beaches, festivals, or other outdoor areas are prime spots for different types of airplane messages -- indeed, densely packed beaches (like those found in New Jersey) can often have 1.5 million visitors a day. And airplane advertisements are usually eye-catching -- people will point them out and pay attention, versus walking by outdoor signs or banners that hang in windows. Adding different types of airplane messages to airplane banners can be a great way to catch people's eye and get them to take notice. 

    What's the History of Airplane Banners and How Do They Work? 
    As mentioned previously, with the birth of airplanes, forward-thinking business owners began to use airplanes towing banners as a means of advertising. Skywriting soon followed. In just 1940, Pepsi scribbled over 2,200 skywritten messages over 48 states, as well as Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and South America, the Smithsonian says. By 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration had signed off on around 600 companies who could run banner-towing operations. 

    Skywriting starts at around 10,000 feet where the air is colder and more stable, with more pressure, which helps keep the smoke together. This allows the message to stick around for longer. The messages are usually about eight characters long, with each letter a mile tall! Skywriting relies on a skilled pilot who can execute aerial maneuvers that release streams of thick, white smoke to create the message. 

    For airplane banners, you need a banner, a towing mechanism, and a plane, as well as a skilled pilot who can get it off the ground and vertical. It's a complicated process, but in essence, the airplane has a harness that they control from the cockpit. One low pass picks up the banner and then climbs until the whole banner is in the air. 

    How Effective Are These Types of Airplane Messages and Skywriting? 
    This type of aerial advertising tends to be quite effective. A survey was conducted that showed almost 80% of respondents remembered the product or service that was advertised on the banner and almost 70% remembered at least half the message from the banner. Furthermore, some campaigns have seen a 20% response rate, which is a far better rate than standard advertising campaigns that focus on direct mail or e-mail. The airplane messages are distinct enough -- and rare enough -- that people look up and remember what they saw. 

    In ideal weather conditions (that is, cool, humid, and clear, without wind), skywritten messages can be seen for over 2,800 square miles and are visible from up to 30 miles away. They'll stick around for at least 20 minutes or more under perfect conditions. This means that thousands -- if not millions -- of people may see the message if the advertisement team chooses a dense location. 

    What Types of Airplane Messages Are There? 
    The sky is the limit! Airplane messages can advertise corporate branding, sales, specials, or discounts, holiday sales and awareness, new ownership, a changed location, or grand opening. They have a bigger reach than billboards, so if you're announcing something big, using an airplane sign or skywriting can give your exposure a big boost. 

    People may also use airplane messages for personal reasons, such as birthday or anniversary wishes or proposals. 

    Messages should be kept brief for maximum effect -- and also so people can read them quickly as they fly by. Brevity is of the utmost importance with skywriting, as it might require multiple planes to be employed for longer messages. 

    Try a unique type of advertising that will set your business apart. Stay memorable with airplane advertising!

  • Entrepreneur Magazine: 'Originality' Is King in 21st Century Advertising

    aerial advertising companyCompanies desperately need to rethink a lot of their advertising methods, according to an article in Entrepreneur magazine. With the cost of advertising on television rising and the engagement of people through use of traditional advertising falling, many companies are reconsidering how they want to advertise themselves.

    According to the article, one of the many problems facing companies today is advertising is just becoming far too expensive. It costs over $5 million for one Superbowl advertisement alone. A lot of companies simply do not have the funds to spend on that slot of airtime. This gives them even more of a reason to seek out more inexpensive methods to advertise their business.

    Another problem facing many businesses is that there has been a dramatic shift in the ability for a lot of advertisements to engage people. Society, as a whole, is getting more desensitized to the same types of companies promising the same types of things. They want to see something new.

    The article goes on to mention how some companies have turned to unique ways over the internet to market their businesses, but there exists an even cheaper way to creatively get your message out there for all to see. Take your message and fly it in the sky using an aerial advertising company.

    Aerial banner advertising is a long-standing way to market your business, but has lately fallen to the wayside when compared to television and internet ads. However, the power of a strong aerial banner advertising campaign cannot be overlooked. Many companies continue to still use aerial advertising opportunities at a variety of different events as a quick, inexpensive alternative to traditional media.

    The easiest difference to spot is the price. While Superbowl commercials cost $5 million for a couple seconds of airtime, the average aerial advertising cost is around $450 per hour in the sky. This is a huge bonus for companies who simply cannot afford the incredible amount of money it takes to put your business on TV.

    Another added bonus of hiring an aerial advertising company is the presentation of your message in an original way. Though many people already know what aerial advertising is, it has stayed out of popular media for a while now, leading it to obtain its own level of uniqueness. People will recognize the creativity and effort put forth into placing messages in the sky, rather than online or on TV. This could make them more likely to be interested in checking out your business. 

    For more information on an aerial advertising company, please visit aerialmessages.com

  • Make Your Aerial Advertising Stand Out With These 3 Easy Steps

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    So you're interested in advertising your company, but don't know exactly where to start? Consider doing something completely unique and out of the ordinary -- airplane banner advertising with sky banners. 

    Aerial banners are great in that they are able to reach thousands of potential customers at one time, and are so eye-catching they are sure to be remembered! The idea behind them is simple: the banners are usually made with five-foot-high letters, and planes grab the signs midflight. The pilot maneuvers the plane to two five-foot-high poles that hold a rope the banner is attached to, and then the banner is tethered on. 

    However, there are so many different types of aerial advertising options that it can be hard to choose what message is right for your specific business. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list of things to keep in mind when choosing your message that will help you make the best out of your efforts! 

    3 tips on how to make our airplane banner service really shine

    1. Make it short and sweet
    You have limited space available to you, so it only makes sense to take advantage of what you can. Think of messages that are short, snappy, and to the point. Focus on buzzwords as they are easily identified and totally memorable.

    2. Use colors
    Black lettering on a white background is so boring, don't you think? You are going all out with this type of advertising, so it only makes sense to use bright colors. Pinks, red, greens, and purples all work great -- just stay away from blue.

    3. Don't be afraid to use your logo
    The more people who see your logo, the better. Aerial ads are ginormous, so even just putting your logo on yours is a great way to spark recognition for potential customers. They'll recognize your logo from seeing it in the sky, and there is nothing cooler than that! 

    Once you have followed these three steps, it is important you follow-up. Don't be afraid to take pictures of your banner in the sky then use it for your print advertising. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you want the benefits of your aerial advertising last as long as you can.

    Interested in looking at more aerial advertising options? Call our professionals today and we'll decide on the perfect message for your business.

  • Custom Aerial Billboards: How To Write an Ad in 8 Words or Less

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    When creating your business' marketing campaign, ad copy is everything. You want your messages to be on brand, clear, concise, and eye catching. When adding an aerial billboard to your campaign, however, you will have much less copy to work with. Your message has far less space to pack as much punch. Follow these tips for writing short, effective ad copy to take full advantage of your aerial advertising. 

    1. Know Your Audience: As your airplane message flies across the sky, who is going to be looking at it? Will it be flying over families at the beach? Festival goers? Attendees of a football game? Tailor your message to these people.

    2. Have One Message: While you may have space in traditional ad copy to convey multiple ideas, you have about one sentence on your aerial banner. Choose one central message that you want to convey and stick with it. Make the idea unquestionably clear.

    3. Stick to Your Brand: By using words and phrases that are unique to your brand, you automatically become more recognizable. The same goes for repeating the brand of your campaign. You want potential clients to recognize your business when they see it advertised other places.

    4. Choose Carefully: Put thought into choosing each word. Read the copy out loud. Is it catchy? Will it stick in your head? While it's best to keep the words simple and easily understood, keep it punchy.

    5. Talk With The Viewer: Rather than directing a message at the viewer, try speaking with the viewer. Phrase the copy as a question or a call to action. Some campaigns have a 20% response rate. Given the distance covered by the plane, this could be a lot of potential customers. Be sure to put your website at the bottom to direct potential customers to your business, finishing the conversation.

    6. Workshop the Copy: Experiment with different ways to phrase the same message. Again, read them out loud. If they aren't quite where you want them, try swapping in different words and flipping around the sentence structure. You have limited space, so it should be perfect.

    Sky banners are an eye-catching way to deliver concise content to a wide audience. Take full advantage of this opportunity by carefully crafting your banner's ad copy, making your aerial billboard a central part of your marketing campaign. 

  • 2 Creative Ideas to Improve Your Corporate Brand

    Aerial advertising solutionsSuccessful corporate branding is a difficult task that can grow your company and take your business to the next level if done correctly. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to improving your brand, because each industry, company, and product is different. As long as you're focusing on creativity as you grow your brand, you should be fine. 

    Get Creative On Social Media
    If you're trying to increase your brand awareness, there is no better way than being active on social media. It's not enough anymore to just have accounts and post a single update every few months, because your competitors are probably posting much more often. In addition, you can't just post a bunch of nonsense, either. You have to find a creative way to mix both compelling content and the amount of posts themselves. Stay on top of your industry news and if anything happens that might affect your business or your customers, hop on social media, and interact with your followers in creative ways. Posting videos, behind-the-scene photos, and other creative pieces will give your followers a more intimate look at your business and will help grow your brand as a result. 

    Get Off the Ground With Aerial Advertising Solutions
    Social media is great for brand awareness, but if you really want to make a difference, it's time to leave the ground and advertise in the sky. Aerial advertising solutions enable you to reach hundreds of thousands of people at a much more reasonable cost than some other forms of mass media. Some beaches, liked the densely packed ones in New Jersey, can even have 1.5 million visitors in a single day -- aerial billboards flying across the sky with that many people down below will surely spread some brand awareness, and could result in a significant amount of responses and new customers contacting your business. Contact an airplane banner service if you want to learn more about sky marketing. 

    It's time to stop trying to grow your brand in boring ways. Start getting creative on social media as much as possible and leave the ground and start advertising in the sky. If you're in need of creative aerial advertising solutions to improve your corporate brand, contact Aerial Messages today. 

  • Add Aerial Advertising to Your Multi-Media Campaign

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    It's no secret that having an effective advertising campaign can make a significant difference with creating, developing, and expanding a business' presence and ultimate success. It's also no secret that utilizing a multi-media approach can further enhance this awareness and attract even more business. In addition to traditional print media and multi-platform digital media, there is another effective approach to attracting customers: airplane banner advertising.

    A recent survey showed that after viewing an aerial banner, 79% of the participants were able to remember the specific product or service that was being advertised. When questioned about the ad's message, 67% of the participants were able to remember at least half of it. This points to the potential impact that aerial banner advertising can have on customer awareness.

    Some companies have experienced a 20% response rate from their aerial advertising campaigns. In addition to corporate branding, airplane banner advertising has been used to announce these and other types of events:

    • Sales, specials, and discounts
    • Holiday sales and awareness
    • Grand openings
    • New ownership
    • New business locations

    When creating the copy for an ad campaign, it's important to make it succinct. The lettering on these banners is usually five-feet high, which can provide increased visibility when the plane flies over a beach or an outdoor event.

    In addition to being easy to remember, an ad's message should also be memorable. Is there a creative hook? A clever turn of phrase? These and other vital aspects are important to consider when crafting advertising copy.

    Many companies will utilize the same message across multiple platforms as it reinforces the content and enhances brand awareness. On occasion, however, they may also choose to run a unique campaign to promote a new product or event. This is just one of the many advantages to using banner advertising to promote a business.

    There are several airplane banner services and pricing options available. Banner towing services can be conducted on an hourly basis or last considerably longer. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of conducting an aerial advertising campaign, please contact us today to learn more about our package deals and pricing.

  • Add Sky Banners to Your Multi-Media Advertising Campaign

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    Aerial advertising is an effective way to announce a new business, promote a sale, and increase or enhance brand awareness. It can prove to be an excellent complement to an existing print and website advertising campaign. Using aerial advertising can also potentially increase website traffic and social media shares. It is well-known that people active on social media sites share and tweet their experiences, views, and product endorsements.

    Skywriting is one popular form of aerial advertising. During ideal weather conditions, when the air is clear, crisp, humid, and windless, the message can remain suspended for 20 minutes or longer. Another benefit to skywriting, weather conditions permitting, is that the message will usually be visible for a minimum of 30 miles.

    Sky banners are also an effective method to deliver your company's message. The letters on an airplane sign are usually five-feet-high. Since banners are towed lower in the sky over beaches and other outdoor areas where people gather, they are closer to the ground and easy to read.

    Airplane banner advertising with sky banners can definitely draw a crowd's attention. Furthermore, approximately 79% of the people that participated in a recent survey responded that they could remember the product or service. As to remembering the actual message, 67% responded that they remembered half or more of it.

    There are a variety of airplane message options available for both sky-written and banner advertising. Since an aerial advertising message needs to be succinct, it will be much easier for an audience of potential customers to remember it. This makes aerial advertising an excellent delivery system to make announcements and peak curiosity.

    Aerial advertising rates are usually computed on an hourly basis. There are aerial advertising packages available, however. When a message is delivered and received frequently, it can also reinforce the message, thus assisting an audience with remembering a product or service. This serves to greatly enhance product and service recognition.

    There are a number of obvious benefits to including aerial advertising as part of a multi-media ad campaign. If you would like to learn more about custom aerial banner advertising or hire a skywriter to begin your campaign, contact us today.

  • Save Money On Your Advertisements and Reach Hundreds of Thousands of People

    Banner Towing Rates

    Advertising has become more powerful and more important than ever before. If you want to succeed as a business, no matter how big or small, national or international, or what kind of product or service you're actually selling, you need to have a strong marketing plan.

    The problem, however, is that, for the most part, strong marketing plans cost a significant amount of money. On the other hand, there is one advertising medium that can reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers, is effective, and costs far less than other forms of adverting. Airplane banner services offer sky banner towing rates at much less than other kids of ads, and can even be more effective.

    Here are a few other forms of media that can be great for marketing, but often cost much more than aerial advertising costs, and isn't even the most efficient kind of ad.

    National Television Advertisement

    National TV ads are the easiest way to reach millions of viewers and have shown time and time again to be effective. The only problem with national TV ads, however, they can cost up to $8 million to set up. Sure, if your business has an infinite amount of money to throw at large national TV campaigns... go for it. But for the majority of U.S. businesses, saving a few million bucks and opting for a less expensive, yet nearly as effective, form of media sounds like a goldmine. An average aerial banner towing rates at about $450 per hour, compared to an average TV ad, which costs approximately $342,000 per 30 seconds.

    National Magazine or Newspaper Advertisement

    Another traditional form of mass advertising is taking out an ad in a major magazine or newspaper. These ads, though relatively easy to create, still cost a significant amount of money to release and distribute. A single ad in a major magazine can cost up to $250,000 ($113,000 for a newspaper) and for an entire campaign can reach the $1.5 million mark. Even after you pour all that money into these print advertisements, you have to then hope a certain amount of your own target demographic gets their hands on the newspaper or magazine, reads it, notices your ad, and then contacts your business. Even so, print ads look pathetic when compared to banner towing rates with the ability to reach a large targeted audience for only a couple hundred bucks.

    If you're ready to improve your company's advertising strategy and start a successful sky campaign, contact Aerial Messages today!

  • Want to Improve Your Advertising? Think Outside the Box and Above the Ground

    sky bannerIf your company doesn't have a successful brand and a quality marketing strategy to promote that brand, you're not going to have a fruitful 2017. Nowadays, no matter what industry you're in, the level of competition between organizations is higher than ever before, which requires critical and creative thinking.

    Simply throwing money into your advertising budget may help a little bit, but not nearly as much as you're going to need if you want your business to fully succeed. A company can't produce bad television and radio ads anymore and still expect to grow their brand. A single bad advertisement can have devastating effects on your brand, and if you aren't working towards improving all the time, you're certainly going to fall behind.

    That's why it's important for companies to think outside the box when it comes to their advertising. While you're at it, thinking above the ground doesn't hurt, either.

    Airplane Sky Banner Advertising

    Working with an aerial advertising company to grow your brand is something that is easily available for businesses, but it's still a relatively fringe medium. Sky banners have plenty of advantages for your company's brand and can set you up for tremendous success.

    Here are a few benefits of sky advertising.

    1. Cost -- Compared to other forms of marketing, aerial advertising costs much less. You can put up a giant ad in the sky, promoting your brand to many people, and enjoy tremendous success. At the same time, a competitor of yours might burn through hundreds of thousands of dollars on unsuccessful television campaigns. Go with the most cost effective option.

    2. Reach -- Another benefit of taking advantage of sky marketing is that your reach is substantial. Imagine a couple hundred thousand people spread out across popular beaches or parades with your company logo flying across the sky for all to see. You'll be able to reach a significant amount of people with your sky banners.

    3. Response -- Some of the more successful aerial ads earn a 20% response rate. Because you can fly these ads over specific events and certain groups of people, you can increase your response rate as well. If you want to advertise to 20 year olds, you can find music festivals and other outdoor events that cater to this demographic and fly your ad directly over them.

    If you're ready to start advertising in the sky, contact Aerial Messages today.

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